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Holiday Viewing Guide for Movies, TV Shows & More

What’s your favorite Holiday movie? I’ve always loved Miracle on 34th Street. Tom and I always look forward to watching Love Actually – a bit of a more modern day Christmas story. Charlie Brown is a given, and I also love Babes in Toyland. Let’s not forget our regular TV shows that have their own Holiday episodes. We all know what Festivus is thanks to Seinfeld’s holiday episode back in ’93! Festivus is for the rest of us! LOL!

Holiday Viewing Guide

Holiday Viewing Guide

Xfinity has put together an interactive Holiday Viewing Guide to help us sort through the 1000s of holiday programing out there. They have included classic movies, TV episodes and special presentations that will flood your home with memories and cheer. It is set-up in a timeline format, making it easy to scroll through and see what’s airing when. If you can’t watch the episode LIVE be sure to take a moment and see what’s available through Xfinity OnDemand. They currently ┬áhave over 175 Holiday movies all set for you and the family to watch at home on the sofa or anywhere from your tablet/ipad.

Movies On the Go

If the carpool line or the soccer practice sidelines are your only moments to catch up on programs and see the classics, don’t forget the XfinityTV app (remember how I shared my love for it!) to access the OnDemand movies, plus your DVR! You can easily stream any movie, show or presentation onto your iPad and enjoy. It’s a great way to maximize time and see all those movies on the Holiday Viewing Guide, don’t you think?

Disclosure: This post has been put together as part of my partnership with Comcast Xfinity.

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