Fresh Pork Recipes for Home Restaurant-Like Meals

Fresh Pork Recipes

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Fresh Pork Recipes for Home Restaurant-Like Meals

In a Cuban-American home there is one main white meat – pork. We cook and enjoy pork regularly. It is often the protein of choice at small or large celebrations. We use fresh pork recipes that have been passed along through generations and modern twists on the dishes our abuela’s have made.

Fresh Pork Recipes

On Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) we cook the pig in its entirety in something called a caja china. At birthday parties, there is always a tray of cubanitos – small sized Cuban sandwiches filled with freshly cooked pork and other delicious ingredients. We cook classic pork dishes, such as lomo de cerdo, masitas de puerco, and lechon asado. We know that with a good cut of fresh pork there are countless recipes to follow.

These typical Latin dishes are created at home, with the right ingredients and the right recipe. I’ve been invited to share my love of using fresh pork in our family meals with you. This post is sponsored by Smithfield. All opinions and love of pork are my very own.

Creating Restaurant Quality Pork Dishes

A great pork dish requires two main things. First, quality ingredients are imperative. Secondly, a well-written pork recipe can make all the difference. Smithfield Prime award-winning chef partners have put together an excellent assortment of recipes using fresh pork that can help home cooks achieve the restaurant quality meal they want to serve their families and guests, just like abuela would.Fresh Pork Recipes

Each of my favorite classic Latin dishes begins with fresh pork. Each one marinated and cooked a bit differently, they uniquely offer a bang of flavor. When you purchase pork, like those offered by Smithfield at Sam’s Club, you can be certain that premium ingredients are included in your dish.

Lomo de Cerdo

Making Lomo de Cerdo, specifically using the receipe of well-known Chef Jose Mendin, is a great way to add quality Latin-flare into your home cooking. A lomo de cerdo is a pork loin, but with some Latin influence, of course. In Chef Mendin’s recipe he begins with a Smithfield Prime Reserve pork loin purchased locally here in Miami at Sam’s Club or other local retailers in your region. This all-natural, premium fresh pork is the perfect start for Chef Mendin’s recipe. He uses the natural pork flavor with the tanginess of the orange and lemon to make the meal flavors pop, and it is all topped with the sweetness of caramelized onions. Getting hungry? I am! Fresh Pork Recipes

Finding More Restaurant Quality Pork Recipes

Chef Mendin and several other award-winning chefs have partnered with Smithfield to provide recipes that you can make at home, yet feel like you are dining at a restaurant. Beyond a few Latin inspired dishes like Pernil Boricua and Pork Sirloin Steak Milanesa with Chimichurri, visitors will find a delicious variety of recipes that provide restaurant-like dining experience. Visit to learn more about the chefs involved and most importantly, see the recipes they’ve shared. Which will you try first?

I hope this post sponsored by Smithfield encourages you to try using fresh pork in your next family meal.


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