Establishing a Bedtime Routine

These last 5 weeks have been filled with wonderful opportunities to travel. While we’ve seen some beautiful lands, eaten scrumptious food and met incredible people, we have not maintained a “normal” bedtime routine. That’s ok, because we were on vacation. Actually, kids need the sleep and routine no matter where they are! Lesson learned!BedtimeRoutineB.jpg

Now that we are back to summer camps and standard dinner time (no more lobsters and shrimp cocktails at 10 PM) it’s important to get the bedtime routine back in play. 

This month on I share great tips for setting up & maintaining a bedtime routine. As you transition between vacation, or even while you are on vacation, try some of these tips to help the kids transition into sleepy time easier. 

I am a paid blogger for Tampico and this post is part of my partnership. All opinions are my own and written without persuasion. 

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