eBay 5 Item Challenge – How to identify items in your closet to sell online!

eBay is the online marketplace to sell your clothes! It’s the store you’ve always wanted that is simply waiting for you to add your inventory!

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The eBay 5 Item Challenge

I’ve challenged you to enter your closet and pull out 5 items that can make you some money.  Our closets are typically full – full of items we rarely wear.  If you’re anything like me, there are maybe 5-6 shirts you tend to put on and maybe a 1/2 dozen pants.  The rest, well to be honest, is taking up space.  Pull out what you don’t need and get them into the hands of someone who does!

What to sell and what to donate?

Look through your closet and search for clothing items that you no longer wear!  However, not everyone wants to buy your knit sweater with a pull on the sleeve.  Make 2 piles…..the donate pile and the sell pile!



  • not your size
  • not your style
  • in good condition (no apparent tears or stains)
  • a recognized brand (doesn’t have to be high end, just greater chance of selling it if it’s a brand more have heard of)


  • some wear & tear
  • needs minor repair (loose or missing button)
  • used socks, bras, local school uniforms


See how I took on the challenge and found 5 items from my jammed closet to sell.

Did you do it?

What items did you find?  Is it difficult to part from that favorite sweater?  If so, then don’t sell it.  Find items that you are willing to part with, regardless of the selling price.  Make yourself a promise that these items are out of your closet for good!  You WILL sell them!

Next post in series

Tips for Photographing Your Items for eBay!

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13 thoughts on “eBay 5 Item Challenge – How to identify items in your closet to sell online!

  1. I did the challenge only I coulden’t find 5 items but I got 2 things on the donate pile and 2 on the sell pile. So it’s a good start maybe someday I will get 5 items. I really like this post and I will continue reading your posts. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I am packing up my end of summer yard sale today and have scads of nice clothing from my three grown daughters out there. Thanks to your idea I will be posting a lot of those things on eBay. Usually I sell costume jewelry — this will be a fun change of pace. jc

  3. I like this challenge. I just bought a shirt for $2 that has a tag for $20 that I love but cant fit.i also have an 8m baby with many 3-9m clothes with the tags still on them. I was trying to figure what to use them for but now i know. i felt bad for not using them but if I keep them they will never get any use. i usaully sell books & games but now I can start my clothing section thanks.

  4. I have a nice pile of 32 items (mine) that are new with tags or just never worn. I’m ready to sell them, but will anyone really buy them? I have clothes by Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren, Jones New York, Vera Wang, and Chico’s. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about how to actually sell clothes!

    1. Wow! You are ready to sell! I’m going to be posting next week the tips I’ve learned to sell. Most certainly people will buy your clothes…especially since they have tags!

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