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Discount Internet for Students in Need Now Available

No child will go without technology. Comcast Internet Essentials program provides discount internet to families in need! Fantastic!

If you’re reading this you have internet access. That’s wonderful. Not everyone does. Still considered a luxury to many, internet access is becoming a need in the lives and education of our children. Discount Internet

The Miami Herald recently had an article showcasing Comcast Internet Essentials – an opportunity for families whose children receive government supported (free or reduced) lunch to have internet access at a very reduced rate. Internet Essentials by Comcast will provide internet access to their home for just $9.99/month. This discounted internet can be as much as a 75% savings. Did you know that over 100,000 South Florida families qualify for this program?

To qualify for the discount the family must:Discount Internet

  1. Have a school-aged child in the home receiving free or reduced lunch.
  2. Not have subscribed to Comcast in the previous 90 days.
  3. Not be in debt to Comcast.

I think this is a tremendous opportunity Comcast is providing so many families. Internet access is becoming more and more integral in education and workplace preparation. As we prepare our children to be leaders they need to have the appropriate tools and services. Where it may have been a hardcover encyclopedia set for many of us, technology is the new classroom, library and even entertainment.

To complete the need, Comcast is also offering a $149 computers for the Internet Essentials families to purchase. This makes computer buying more affordable for the qualified families. Together with the internet service, families will have the technology tools and service the need to support the students at home. Now research for a science project, phonics review on StarFall, or checking out information on college and university applications will be in the homes of all who need it. Love it.

In the fall of 2000 I was invited to a special celebration by Comcast. I was a 3rd grade teacher at the 1000th school receiving free cable modem from Comcast. It was a big celebration, as local and state politicians attended to applaud the efforts by Comcast and the school district to bring cable modem access to our schools. Technology has come a long way since then, and the need for students to have the technology at home has grown, tremendously. The steps Comcast has and is currently making to bridge the digital divide are remarkable. I encourage you to share the information about Comcast Internet Essentials with your friends and community. It is important to get opportunities like these to those who need it most.

Disclosure: As a member of the Comcast Digital Ambassador Program, I receive Xfinity Triple Play in exchange for my involvement in the program. All opinions are my own. Images and logos courtesy of Comcast.

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