Commuting By the Numbers – The Killer Commute

I love my job because I don’t commute. Commuting is the pits. There are so many dangers faced in commuting – especially long commutes. The reality is that most do. My husband commuted 2 hours – each way – for several months last year. It was horrible. No part of it was good. I worried about him so much. Would he be too tired? Would he encounter a lot of traffic? Would there be a distracted driver alongside him? Those months have thankfully ended as he now has a much more manageable commute. I thank God for that.

Commuting is a fact of life. What are the pluses to it? I have to say if it meant the difference between having and not having a job, well then I’ll be the 1st to run to the car! The data is impressive. Commuters are impacted by their drive in so many ways – healthy and mind included.

Below is a graphic put together through data from USNews, Gallup and more. The numbers are impressive and may shock you.

Is your family affected by a mom or dad’s commute? Would you give up a percentage of your salary to work closer to home? Please share!

Created by: College At Home


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