Cold, with a side of bok choy, daikon radishes and Jeruselem artichokes

The weather is still a bit on the chilly side. I still can’t believe what a wuss I’ve become!

I actually wore my UGG style boots today. Just a few wek ago I would have sweated just at the thought of wearing them in South Florida, and here I am shivering wearing a wool sweater when it’s 55 out! What have a I turned into!

I’ve been busy at the oven during naptime today. With yesterday’s produce delivery (I need to fill you in about that one of these days) we got a huge thing of bok choy, daikon radishes and Jeruselem artichokes. What exactly do I do with all this! Thankfully with these frigid tempurters I had a request from my hubby for some stew tonight. So, with my fresh box of produce, plus TONS left over from last week, I have a yummy, healthy stew simmering on the stovetop. I adapted a recipe from so I hope it comes out ok! It smells awesome! (BTW, the radishes are still sitting in the fridge with the artichokes. I need to find another easy recipe!)


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