Disney Getaway to Blizzard Beach with Kids & a Scared Mom
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Disney Getaway to Blizzard Beach with Kids & a Scared Mom

A quick Disney getaway included visiting Blizzard Beach with kids. We had never visited a Disney Water Park as a family and were eager for the experience. 

Our daughters are 3 & 7. The older one is super adventurous – she rode Space Mountain and Rockin’ Roller Coaster in Walt Disney World during our trip in May. We thought that water slide “roller coasters” would be right up her alley. We were right. 

The 3 year old was my buddy most of the time, until she realized her similar passion for all rides too scary for mommy! (If you haven’t seen my scared experience on the Beaches Negril Water Slide, you must.)

Blizzard Beach

Arriving at Blizzard Beach Early

We took the advice that we had heard from so many and arrived early – 30 minutes before the park even opened. The crowds had already started to gather. Guests were allowed into the park but roped off from any of the rides or chairs. 

The moment the park officially opened, we headed (as quickly as possible) to claim some lounge chairs. With the impressive Florida sun, a shade spot is crucial. We found a great area just in front of the Warming Hut – on the far side of the wave pool. We spread out our towels onto each chair. 

The moment Tom saw where our “home base” would be, he and Isabella darted to the rides that tend to get the longest lines. Throughout the next hour Daddy and daughter were able to go on nearly every ride (that Mommy wouldn’t want to ride) at Blizzard Beach. 

Blizzard Beach with Preschooler & a Scared Mom

In the meantime, the preschooler and I headed 1st to Tike’s Peak. She had a blast going down the age appropriate slides. It’s a lot of work for Mom though. The slides aren’t meant and actually many in this area won’t allow adults – or anyone over 48 inches to ride. So, I would walk with her to the top of the slide. See her off and then scurry down to the bottom to bring her back up again. Although I happily burned lots of calories, it would have been wonderful to have another older kid or adult with me to help with this.

Within 45 minutes or so, Cecilia and I decided to go explore some more. We rode Cross Country Creek – the 3,000 foot lazy river for some time. We got off the creek near Runoff Rapids. I looked up at the slide and saw the tubes of kids, moms, dads and even grandmas flying right off the slide. One look at the preschooler and I knew she wanted a turn. I put on her a complimentary life vest, grabbed a 2-seater tube and began the LONG climb to the top of the slide. It must of been 6 stories tall. Not an easy challenge when carrying a huge tube and holding the little hand of a 3 year old. 

We got to the top and of course my heart was going a gazillion beats per minute. We climbed aboard and even got a chuckle from the Disney Cast Member who sensed my fear coupled with my daughter’s excitement. Then down we went. 

I screamed. I screamed very loud. I thought we were going to flip. She smiled. She loved it. 

When we reached the bottom, I thanked God that I had survived and she asked if we could go on again. Oh no, I had another dare devil in the family. I would soon be the one sitting out all by myself.

Blizzard Beach with Kids and a Scared Mom

We met up with Daddy and Isabella a bit later. We munched on some snacks. Did I mention that you can bring coolers, filled with food and drinks into the park? Save your money and come prepared. 

I’m sure you’re not surprised that the moment I saw Isabella she was so excited to tell me about her adventures on Downhill Double Dipper, Snow Stormers, Toboggan Racers, Summit Plummet and Slush Gusher. But what she was most excited to tell me was they had saved a ride for me to do with her! Actually it was a ride for all 4 of us to do together. Everyone was so excited – but me. My heart rate was just returning to normal from the Runoff Rapids. But as all you moms know, it is very difficult to say no.

Blizzard Beach

We started the climb up and up to the very top. We arrived at the launching spot of Teamboat Springs. It’s a huge family tube. All three of them jumped in as I slowly climbed in, feeling my heart beat ever so quickly.

I held onto the handles with the strongest grip ever. We twirled and twisted down the “river” and I screamed. And I mean, I screamed. I think they laughed at my dramatics. But I really was scared. 

Our adventure ended at Ski Patrol Training Camp – quite possibly my very favorite part of the park. This area is designated for the tweens but it is suitable for ages 5 +, even my 3 year old could enjoy a lot of the area too. It’s full of little slides, a zip line, a tubing slide, and a glacier crossing thing.

Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach with kids was a blast – even for the ones who get a little more scared than the others. We will most certainly go again and I’m sure they will convince me to go down Teamboat Springs again – but there is no way I’m going on Summit Plummet! 

 By the way, this is how tired they were as we drove home. Success!

Blizzard Beach

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  2. That looks like fun and from the end of day images, looks like the kids had a great time…I just posted about pools also, come and join us for the link up

  3. I would have been your friend, lol. My husband and kids love those rides but I am content looking on and minding the gear! I love it when the kids have such a good time that they fall asleep on the way home.

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