Beaches Negril Waterslide Video Review
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Beaches Negril Waterslide Video Review

Put on your bathing suit and get ready to pick your wedgie because the Pirates Island Water Park and gorgeous beach & water sports at Beaches Negril entertains the kids and adults! We experienced all we could during our last visit – something that all must do at a luxury all-inclusive resort!

Beaches Negril

A family vacation to Beaches Negril will certainly include some time at the Pirates Island Water Park! This 180,000 sq. ft. water park has four waterslides and a 92 ft. lazy river.  

Beaches Waterslides Review

One slide is covered and with a few curves, while the other is open air and with more curves. Both are 204 ft. long. The height restriction for these slides is 42″.  There are also smaller “traditional” slides for kids 6 and under. During a complimentary press trip to Beaches Negril I grabbed my phone (in a waterproof case) and headed down the slide. Here is my experience:


The beach  – on the widest stretch of Negril’s seven-mile white sand beach – was beautiful but chock-full of jellyfish during those days. We did find the time to enjoy some complimentary water sports. We rode the BIG tricycle and Isabella tried paddleboarding. It’s such a relief not to think about how much additional activities costs when everything (for the most part) is included. It made me much more likely to say YES to her constant requests of things to do throughout the resort.Beaches Negril

One evening the press group was invited on a catamaran ride. This type of activity normally has a fee. We sailed for an hour or so and then got the chance to jump into the beautiful ocean water and swim through beautiful caves. It was fantastic.  

Look forward to a full recap of our experience at Beaches Negril and the many aspects that make it a great family travel destination! 

Check out for more information on the variety of water adventures at the different Beaches Resorts!


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