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SUPER WHY…at a theater near you!

Looking for a great Smart Mama activity for your pre-schooler??? I found it! With ZERO good G or even PG movies out there for the under 7 crew, Kid Toon Films has come to the rescue, a la SUPER WHY style! Two SUPER WHY episodes, Comic Book: Attack of the Eraser and The Big Game, will be in movie theaters on weekends in February as part of the Kidtoons program.

The official blah, blah…
The Kidtoons program is dedicated to helping parents connect with their kids by bringing family friendly animated movies to the big screen every weekend at participating theatres across the country. Participating Kidtoons theatres showcase a fun, affordable family friendly matinee movie and provide a family experience filled with entertaining, kid-friendly characters, as well as cartoon shorts, music videos and sing-alongs before each movie. We even have fun giveaways for the kids, such as stickers, temporary tattoos, activity books or toys after every film.
Visit http://www.kidtoonfilms.com for more information and to find SUPER WHY in a movie theater near you! Super Duper!
Pretty cool, right? Let me know if you go!

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