Using Graphic T-Shirts in a Kids’ Wardrobe
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Using Graphic T-Shirts in a Kids’ Wardrobe

Thankful for my Back to School Children’s Place shopping. Just before the start of the school year, I headed to our local Children’s Place. They hosted a media event for local bloggers.

I spent just under $100 on items (Thank you Children’s Place for the generous gift card) for both girls. A month post-shopping I have to say that I was spot-on on a specific item…graphic t’s.

Childrens Place Outfit

Graphic t-shirts are shirts (tank, short or long-sleeved) with a design, front and centered. Last fall when I was at Children’s Place shopping I picked up this one for each daughter. They have worn it a gazillion times.

Cruising with The Children's Place

On my trip in August I picked up 4 new graphic short sleeved shirts. I picked up leggings and a cotton black elastic waist-band skirt. These purchased have been used, reused and used again. We can swap out one shirt for another shirt with her favorite yellow leggings. The very much all-purpose cotton skirt has been worn with every shirt, I think.

Graphic Tees

When heading out to the Children’s Place be sure to look at their graphic tee shirt collection. The designs are fun and colorful. Pick a few and pair them with different leggings, pants and/or skirts. The variety of outfits you can create are endless.



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