Tuesday Toot – Paying the Bills!

I pay the bills! Well not all, but at least CVS and the groceries! I began selling things on eBay years ago and I restarted this obsession a few months ago when I realized I had quite an inventory of things to sell. I regularly post about 20 items a week, making anywhere from 50 – 150 a week! Each time I go shopping, I return home and transfer the amount I spent from PayPal into our bank account to pay the bills. I am very happy to be doing my part to help! It’s certainly a Smart Mama move!


Per your request, to see my eBay items:



  1. craftymom 17 June, 2008 at 08:41 Reply

    I’d also like to know what you’re selling over on ebay….I’m addicted!

    I’ve got a give away going on at my site…check it out.

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