Thursday Thirteen – If 19 Month Old Girls Ruled the World!

 If 19 month old little girls ruled the world, days would be spent…

  1. Watching Diego.
  2. Coloring – books, floors and walls.
  3. Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  4. Eating Play-Doh.
  5. Asking Mami to put the dolly’s hat back on.
  6. Eating random Cheerios found in the car seat.
  7. Eating only Cheerios, fruit, waffles and cookies.
  8. Dancing!
  9. Wearing a dirty diaper.
  10. Watching Dora the Explorer!
  11. Bringing Mami the remote to change the channel.
  12. Playing with Glad-ware.
  13. Reading the Baby Einstein books!

Don’t forget to enter your munchkin for chance to be Munchkin Monday! Simply email me a photo, 1st name, birthday, likes and dislikes. Your munchkin will have some 15 minutes of fame as you get to share the posting with friends and family.Email: SmartyPantsMama @ gmail . com

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