The way the donut crumbled…..and the way Smart Mama came to the rescue!

Sure you can sit on the couch to eat your donut…wait, NOOOOO!!!!!! What was I thinking? You know what I’m talking about. You’re in the midst of something (Tweeting, cooking, on the phone) and the munchkin starts to pester you about something. You, in ways annoyingly say sure, sure, sure without realizing what you’re agreeing to. Well below is a prime example of that.

Smart Mamas, I think we have 2 lessons here. #1 Attempt to realize what you agree to before you agree (good luck with that one!) #2 Get a little vacuum to have on hand just in case (an easier solution!)

I think you can clearly see my obsession with my little Dirt Devil Gator 10.8V-
this is a little vacuum purchased with my own money for around $30. Sooooooo awesome and very Smart Mama friendly!



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