Smarty Pants Product of the Week – VTech Sing & Discover Story Piano

VTech Sing & Discover Story Piano
Smarty Pants Review
The VTech Sing & Discover Story Piano has been a tremendous hit in this house! My daughter who will be 25 months this week, was, as usual, my product tester. This product provides many minutes (that’s VERY LONG in toddler time) of entertainment! From th e story book to our favorite, the karaoke microphone, my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed playing with this toy. I was impressed, and to be honest a bit surprised, that a product designed for 12+ months could be so worthwhile for a 2 year old. I had assumed that the features would be too “babyish” but that is certainly not the case. The lights, the sounds and the educational components (shapes and colors) makes this a hit for babies AND toddlers! Let Santa know to put it on your munchkin’s list!
Why is it a Smarty Pants of Product?

It’s fun, engaging and very fairly priced. It makes a great addition to a playroom that has gotten bored of the same old, same old!
Retail Value
$24.99 – $49.99 (depending where)
To purchase via Amazon: Vtech – Sing & Discover Story Piano

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