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The Living Well Health Master Blender
Smarty Pants Review
Montel Williams was diagnosed with Multiple Scleroses a number of years ago. His determination to live a healthy, strong life has led him to create and promote The Living Well Health Master Blender.

Wow, what a great surprise! When I was asked to review this Health Master Blender, I assumed it would be on par with every other blender I’ve had. Boy, was I wrong! The Health Master Blender is UNBELIEVABLE! It blends, chops, purées and juices right on my kitchen counter as if I were at a gourmet kitchen with an iron chef on hand!!

As a test, I decided to play around with 2 mangos, ice and yogurt to see how well it worked. The smoothie had such a fine smoot   h texture, unlike what I typically have with my “standard” blender! While the taste was great, the texture is what set it apart!
Just today my munchkin tester and I put the Health Master Blender to the test again by putting a container of frozen vegetables (black beans I had made and frozen) in the blender. In no time, the blender had pureed the beans! We couldn’t believe it!
As a great bonus, fantastic, and very tasty, recipes – everything from soups to smoothies – are also included with the blender!
Why is it a Smarty Pants of Product?
The great ease of use and superb results of the Living Well Health Master Blender encourages a Smart Mama to create healthy yummy meals at home!
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  1. Anonymous 31 May, 2009 at 11:09 Reply

    my favorite smoothie/milkshake my husband makes for me. It sounds weird but tasts great.

    Puffed Wheat
    Sugar to taste
    Tiny pinch of Salt
    Ice (to desired frostyness)

    Optional ingredients:
    Tablespoon of peanut butter or
    Tablespoon of cream cheese
    (both make it creamier and give it another layer of flavor)

    I emailed all my friends about this post.

    Jeanne Redero
    jeanneredero (at) AOL (dot) com

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