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Smart Home: Top 10 Sites a Smart Mama Visits Each Day

As a Smart Mom you need to budget every single minute of your day.  Most of us have a plan each morning, or I think at times a dream, of what is to be accomplished that day.  Between carpools, soccer practice and ballet, not to mention laundry, dinner and upkeep of the house, how can we attempt to face our “online” day?  A Smart Mama must have a plan, each day to get to her online responsibilities. The sites that take her away from folding laundry or getting the salad prepared for dinner must be worthwhile a serve a great purpose.  Below is a Smart Mama list of 10 things I follow or at least attempt to follow, each day. What’s on your list?  What should I add to mine?

  1. Tweetdeck:  Twitter tool that I use to keep up with tweets, mention and DMs, as well as follow certain #hashtags.  Follow me:  @SmartyPantsMama
  2. Facebook
  3. BitMoms – Online Community/Forum for Onine Security Resources
    • Follow the Bit Mom blog postings where I at times post questions I may have on technology related Smart Mama decisions and concerns.
  4. SITS on TheBlogFrog – Online Forum to support bloggers in Bloggy Bootcamp and more!
  5. Statcounter: a fantastic statistical tool for website data analysis
  6. Gmail: yes, at times I actually catch up on my email!
  7. Huggies’ Every Little Bottom: See the latest happening from this campaign!  Learn how YOU can make the a difference in the life of a mommy who struggles to cover the bottom of her baby!
  8. The Miami Herald, Your Blogs: SmartyPantsMama is a featured blog  in Parenting, I like to check to be sure the latest and greatest posting made its way!
  9. Weight Watchers: I am a woman. I am a woman who needs support and encouragement to eat well.  I find it here!
  10. Skinny Taste : Goes along with #9, a FANTASTIC site of scrumptious healthy recipes! I get inspired with my meal planning here.

6 thoughts on “Smart Home: Top 10 Sites a Smart Mama Visits Each Day

  1. I love your blog name and you did a fab job with this list post, SITstah! I do have an idea to add to your list. An important ingredient – having other blogs link to yours – is missing from your list.

    An easy way to prime the pump is Social Bookmarking! The kind where you go and add a link or two to a place where other people can see it. Like stumble, Digg, etc. There are 100’s of them. Once you get set up, the process is simple. The trouble is picking one that works for you. My favorite is Stumble. Digg is cool too because everyone uses it.

    When your posts get discovered, traffic flows beautifully!

    I have a suggestion for your list – especially for SITS girls. I’ve started my own bookmarking site connected to my blog. It’s called TGIF Links. It works like stumble or digg except I’ve created a special page just for SITS!

    Check it out, SITStah. The secret really is in the sauce. Backlinking adds a special flavor 😀

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  3. Great list! I visit todayswriting.com, facebook.com, hotmail.com, twitter.com and kijiji.ca everyday as well as my blog.

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