Smart Home: Take Your Daughter to the Course!

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Now through July 11th, PGA/LPGA Professionals nationwide are encouraging families to hit the links through special activities during the 5th annual Family Golf Month, including Take Your Daughter to the Course!  During this week your daughter can experience the wonderful game of golf at no cost!

Why might you want to do this?  First off, why not?  It’s something to do together, something to do as a family, an active activity and did I mention it’s FREE!

Do you remember our family golf outing in May when we participated in the PGA/LPGA Free Family Golf Clinics (  The three of us will never forget that day and we are so grateful that we had the chance to play and learn together.  Since we left the course that midday, my 3 1/2 year gets excited every time we pass a golf course and now mentions it to daddy as something they we can play on the weekends.Take Your Daughter to the Course is a great opportunity for dad, and moms too, to invite their daughters to experience a favorite pastime of many.

If you’re still not convinced consider what Sue Whaley, PGA/LPGA Professional and one of the nation’s most acclaimed golf instructors details as 7 great reasons why golf is a great sport for children and why to play as a family.

• It provides uninterrupted family time outdoors and is also a great way to spend quality time with your family (and friends!).
• It is great exercise in a beautiful setting. Studies show that walking the golf course reduces levels of bad cholesterol, burns calories, prevents heart disease, and helps oxygenate the body and improve posture.
• Golf helps children learn how to focus and teaches great life lessons – respect, integrity, sportsmanship, camaraderie and problem solving. It is also a great business tool for networking for when they get older.
• Golf is a game for a lifetime and can enjoyed by the young and old. How many other sports can a parent, child and grandparent participate in together?
• Golf is a non-contact sport and does not require athletic prowess
• Many golf facilities offer discounted junior rates, making it an affordable family activity.
• It’s fun!

To participate in this week’s event, as well as other PGA/LPGA events, visit to find a complete list of facilities that are participating, as well as other events.  An online registration, by city and state is available.  Easy enough! Go do it!

Photos courtesy of the PGA.

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