Smart Home: Stay Organized in 10 Minutes with #10MinuteTackle

What can you do in ten minutes?  I’m not necessarily suggesting the amount of times you can hop on one foot or juggle three balls with just your right hand.  I’m thinking about in and around your house.  If you suddenly lost Internet connection and your smart phone went dead (yes, I hear the gasp) what could you actually get done?  Maybe straighten out one child’s sock drawer or make some sense of the canned goods in the pantry.  You could possibly do both.

We see the days of June Cleaver and wonder how she always stayed so calm and had a fresh pie coming out of the oven.  Yes, it was TV but real life wasn’t too far from the Cleaver’s.  The advent of technology has brought us so much progressive, time saving tools, but simultaneously given us tools to distract us from our responsibilities (ahem…Facebook.)

Smart Mamas need to be smart with their time.  Balancing life with the demands of our homes, children, spouses, friends and family is difficult, and quite possibly a challenge near difficult to solve.  What we can do is set aside time get something done.  By setting aside small increments of time you can get tasks done without feeling overwhelmed.

I challenge you, Smart Mama, to get out your stopwatch and get off your seat.  For 10 minutes I want you to do something off your to-do list or at least partially done. Here are some ideas for your 10 Minute Tackle to get you going:

  • Organize the nightstand drawer.
  • Go through you medicine cabinet and dispose of the expired medicines. (Be sure to dispose of the safely.)
  • Clean out the fridge.
  • Reorganize the cutlery drawer.

These are mere suggestions, as I am certain you have a list of your own!

Go now and set the clock (I personally set the microwave kitchen time) for 10 minutes and then do anything except come to the computer, phone or TV.  Be productive.  The best part is that you only need to do so for 10 minutes!

Join the challenge!  Spread the word! Post your results here!

If you tweet, go ahead and tell everyone:

Starting my #10MinuteTackle with @SmartyPantsMama now! Join me!

That’s it. What are you waiting for?  Go take on the 10 Minute Tackle!

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7 thoughts on “Smart Home: Stay Organized in 10 Minutes with #10MinuteTackle

  1. This just motivated me to get off my computer and do something around he house! Goodness knows it needs it!

    1. That’s just what I wanted to do….MOTIVATE!!! Ok, I’m motivated again…off to figure out dinner!

  2. For me i have lots of thing to do when you give me 10 minutes i can do my house work and then back to me work.i need to have motivation to go for my walk every morning.

    1. Great! I am so happy that #10MinuteTackle is helping you get your housework done! I agree, getting out for some exercise is often harder than cleaning! Maybe I’ll start #10MinuteMoves to encourage us to move our bodies!

  3. When I had my 2nd one, my house was getting messier every day, and a 10-min frenzy was a big help. You wonder how 10-min a day during is better than 2 hours on the weekend.

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