Smart Home: Repurpose the Entertainment Center into Office Space

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I went back and forth on how to re-purpose my mother’s former entertainment center this past winter.  Just when she was about to hand it over to a consignment shop I just knew that there had to be a way I could use in my home.

 We have limited space on our ground floor, where we obviously spend much of our waking hours.  I have a great desk and office space upstairs but that really isn’t practical.  I need a place to plug in and work downstairs where my daughter plays, where I cook, do laundry and much more.  I also need a place to hide it all when company comes over.  I really don’t care to share my pile of bills, my millions of computer cords and more.  Currently I have 2 laptops that I use to do my thing, one of which needs to be connected to an external monitor because the screen is broken. I also have a rather large printer and a million office supply thingies!  With all this I just knew that the entertainment center could deal with it all![ad#Google in Content]

With a little imagination and ideas throughout Google, I finally converted the former television hub into an office space.  I have left the huge IKEA desk upstairs and now have a home base where it should be, in the middle of it all downstairs!

I use one drawer to hold the office supplies and the other to hide large platters and serving ware that hadn’t found a good home since we moved here 5 years ago!  What used to hold the DVD, VCR and cable unit, now holds my daughter’s “school time” things and the bills.  I’ve used the top shelf to house the printer.  I’ve covered up the hole for the cords with a matted artwork of my daughter’s.  Little decorative items help pretty it up some more.  I’m really pleased with how it came out.  My absolute favorite part is when I close the doors. It blends right into my decorative style and is truly serving a great purpose! I certainly feel that it is a very SMART re-purpose of a quality product.

Have you done something SMART with a former entertainment center?  Please share.  I’m certain we could all use some new ideas!



  1. Tyesha 26 July, 2010 at 10:11 Reply

    I love what you have done with the armoire and how you were able to make use of it. That was a great idea. You are doing an awesome job with this challenge. I’m struggling myself in many areas especially to stay on task. Hopefully I will get caught up and back on track, but your my inspiration 🙂 Thanks for this!!

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