Smart Home: Leslie Segrete Shares Outdoor Living Tips!

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Outdoor entertaining is here! It’s time to crank up the BBQ and spruce up the yard.

I recently had a moment to speak with home improvement expert with an eye for design, Leslie Segrete, who is best known for her superb carpentry skills on TLCs While You Were Out and most recently for A&Es $100 Makeover! She also co-hosts the nationally syndicated home improvement radio program, The Money Pit.   She is currently collaborating with both Sears and K-Mart in their outdoor living line.

With warm weather upon us all, we will spend time with family and friends in our backyards.  We may entertain, play games or just relax.  Whatever the purpose, we need to have a yard that suits our needs.  Leslie suggested that homeowners look at the basic design and décor of the interior of the home as they determine a style for their outdoor living space.  We often have a pronounced style inside of our homes and it should be reflected outdoors.  “Before deciding how you want to decorate your outdoor space, look inside for inspiration,” Leslie explained.  Makes sense.

The outdoors will serve a different purpose for different families.  For most of us, the backyard is a playing area and a dining area, which put together, is an entertaining area.  “You want to consider   how you want to use your space. Is a low seating area for conversation what you’ll need, or a larger dining area for large gatherings more appropriate?” Leslie asked. This is important to consider.  We need to design our space to meet our own specific needs.  How do you use your own yard?

The outdoor furniture available these days is outstanding. Times have changed since we needed to run outdoors at the chance of rain to cover the cushions, or cringed when a strap snapped on the loveseat.  “Both Sears and Kmart have excellent options for every type of homeowner,” Leslie mentioned.  We can truly get that extension of our home at a great price with a great design with    something that is durable and won’t quickly be destroyed with the first rainstorm or hot summer sun.   Reversible cushions are now available for outdoor seating that certainly make sense for moms and especially moms on a budget. You can change up your look or hide a stain by flipping cushions over.  Love it!

I look forward to sharing more of Leslie’s tip and tricks in an upcoming post, including unique ways to organize and display flatware for your next outdoor party!  Wait to learn how she uses paper lanterns!
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