Smart Home: 5 Clothing Piece Dare and the ebay Parent Panel

I dare you.  I dare you to go into your child’s closet, or better yet your own, and find 5 pieces of clothing that either still have tags on them or essentially are brand new.  I’m thinking of those items that you bought and NEVER wore.  Maybe they were never worn because of style changes, size changes or because you forgot and now you just don’t need them anymore.

What’s a Smart Mama to do?  Take those 5 items and make a few dollars!  You deserve it!  By selling these pieces you can gain closet space and make some money to buy new pieces that you’ll actually wear!

For over 10 years I have sold clothing to books to make up online through ebay.  I have been there and done that when it comes to selling my stuff.  I have found that clothing is one of the easiest to sell online, and even more fun to buy.  I’ve got 4 wardrobes to ransack…husband, big daughter, little daughter and my own!  Let’s see if I can identify at least 5 items from each that I can sell this autumn.  That’s a challenge!  I think I’ll take it on!  Will you?

I have been recently selected as an ebay Parent Panel Ambassador! Through my ambassadorship I will find ways, smart ways of course, for moms to use ebay as a tool.    This tool can help you organize your life, make a few bucks and maybe even spend a few on something you very much deserve! I look forward to working with other blogging colleagues to share our stories and learn from readers as well.

How have you used ebay?  What’s been your best selling item?  Let’s get the conversation going.

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Disclosure:  This post has been created in connection with my appointment as an ebay Parent Panel Ambassador. This is a compensated appointment.


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11 thoughts on “Smart Home: 5 Clothing Piece Dare and the ebay Parent Panel

  1. I know this is something new me. Because I am new to Ebay a blog like to update what are the products on sale is something that will help we new comers to learn more about the products and also its usage.

  2. I used to have tremendous success with Ebay – in fact I got a nice little email from them in Feb congratulating me on my 12th year of being an Ebay seller, but have found in the last year or so that it’s very difficult to make decent money on it due to the sheer saturation of the items available for sale. Ebay is about making money but shouldn’t have to liquidate for 10% of the value… I think the model is changing to being more of an online store and needing to have other forms of advertising driving people to your items versus thinking they’ll find them on Ebay itself.. That is unless you have some really special or unique items that people are actively searching for. Have you found greater success in doing lots versus individual listings? I look forward to hearing from you!

    – @TarynP

    (PS – would you be open to allowing me to share some of the tips you provide later down the road on my site, The Clueless Mommy ? 🙂 )

    1. Taryn,
      I know what you’re saying about saturation. I agree that the format of an online store might help. I’ve only done individual listings, just 1 quantity of each. I’ve always wanted to run a store IRL, but now I’m thinking that my own ebay store could meet my wishes too!
      I would love for you to share my tips and I would love for you to share yours too!

  3. Hi! Thanks for the blog and congratulations on being on the paid panel! I was directed to the blog from the current Power Up newsletter.

    Check out the September Gotta Make Money Group on the Clothing, Shoes and Accessories board. That great group of ladies and 1 gent are soooo supportive.

    With their help and guidance, I have seen my sales go from $400 in a good month to over $1000 in August and on target for that again in September! That’s a 2 1/2 times increase in only 3 months. I find that astonishing!

    So I disagree about saturation and certainly disagree about about that low pricing! You just have to learn and apply some tricks & tips.

    1. Thanks! I’m very excited to be on the Parent Panel!
      I can’t wait to learn more tips & tricks to help myself & my readers better ebay sellers! I know that there is so much to learn!


  4. Hi,
    I left ebay a while ago because I was losing money rather than making. Now that my home is exploding with NWT, NWOT clothing and shoes I have returned. I own a text marketing company and am curious if I can use QR codes to deliver people interested in my item to a video which makes the experience interactive.
    Any information is greatly appreciated.

  5. Hi!
    Do you have any suggestions for photographing clothing that you plan to sell? I took 10 pictures of a pair of pants I wanted to sell and none of them seem to look right or show off the pants!


    1. Do you have any pictures of you wearing the pants? That would give the potential buyer the best idea of what the pants look like. If not, lie the pants nicely on top of black velvet – or anything black. The pants should be ironed and extra photos of special details will help to!

      Happy eBaying!

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