Smart Family: College Baseball Game, a Great Family Night Out!

Have you ever thought to attend a college sporting event (not including football) for a night out with the kids?  We hadn’t.  We’ve brought our daughter to a Marlins game last year, when they were playing the Yankees, of course.  She loved it.  But our wallets certainly didn’t with tickets over $40, not to mention parking and snacks!

Last week I learned that our local college baseball team, the University of Miami Hurricanes, was hosting the UNC Tarheels on Saturday. I was intrigued.  Would it be costly?  Sell out?  Be full of rowdy college kids?  No. No. and No.

The tickets were just $10 for adults and $9 for kids for the General Admission seats.  The stadium was full, but not packed.  The college kids were not rude, and to be honest there were far more non students cheering on.  The sodas for $3.50 were the only thing priced high.

The kids (two 3 year olds and a 1 ½ year old) behaved FANTASTIC!  We took a break at one point to let them run around a little on a grassy area adjacent to the field. The dads, of course, were happy.  How could they not be, we’re at a sporting event?  The moms, also, had a great time chatting and enjoying the kids!

We’re in the closing weeks of the academic year, but college baseball continues on until mid-June.  Do some research and find out when’s the next game in your area.  I promise it be a fun family event worth considering!

Below are a few sites I came across that may help you find schedules and such.

Baseball America

College Baseball Insider

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