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ShopSmart Magazine – Great for Product Reviews!

As my husband can attest, I ALWAYS second guess a purchase, UNLESS I have thoroughly researched it ahead of time to be certain its the best price and the best one out there. I have recently come across a new tool to help my thorough decision making…ShopSmart magazine.

Have you noticed it on newsstands? It’s the latest magazine written by Consumer Reports. It offers HONEST advice on products. They are not persuaded by any one product, as they do not receive a dime in advertising $$$. Their tag line, no hype + no ads + just great buys, says it all!

I’ve been thumbing through the July 2009 issue and have really been impressed. For each product type they review, they will suggest Smart Picks – the best buys. In the case of the play yards this month, the tested 6 but only selected 3 as Smart Picks. I’ve also enjoyed the splurge vs. save recommendations for products such as lawn mowers, as we typically are on the ‘save’ category!

Here’s their website:

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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