Second Child & The Bump On The Head

Second Child Bump

Yep, the second child is walking around tonight with a big ole bump on her head. It’s a bit nasty looking. The best or the worst part of it, depending how you look at it, is I don’t have the faintest idea how and when she got it today.

Second Child Bump

Tom (@SmartyPantsDada) called out to me as he was drying & dressing her post quick shower with big sister. I heard him say something like, “the bump…head.”  I didn’t know what he was talking about. Alas I too got out of the shower and dressed and learned that he had asked when and where did the baby get the big a$$ bump on her head. Ummmm, I had no idea. I quickly try to think back throughout the day. She had a few cries but nothing THAT major. I asked Big Sister Isabella. She hadn’t a clue either. The baby’s limited vocabulary does include the word “hurt.” She’ll use it occasionally when, well obviously, when she’s hurt. Thinking back, she did say “hurt” a few times, but I can’t for the life of me remember big bump on her head kind of hurt.

The mother’s guilt has totally taken over. I feel like when Isabella was her age I was much more aware of her every step. Do you find you parenting a bit more relaxed with your 2nd, 3rd…?

Do you think I should add that Cecilia got a mysterious bump on her head for today’s entry in our Memory Box? I just might. Nah, maybe not.

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