Rock ‘N Learn Videos are Excellent Tools for Back to School Learning
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Rock ‘N Learn Videos are Excellent Tools for Back to School Learning

Reading, writing and arithmetic.  That’s the focus.  Homeschooling, back to school or even just entertainment in the car DVD player – moms are searching for fun ways to educate their children. What can YOU do to support your pre-school or elementary aged children as they embark on a new school year? 

It’s important to keep it fun, with a hidden educational twist!  My years as an elementary school teacher have provided me with a keen eye on what’s worth it for educational fun. 

Rock N Learn DVD

I have been a fan of Rock ‘N Learn Videos for many years.  In our home we have 5 of the videos and my daughter would watch them over and over if she had the time!  Most recently we enjoyed the Rock ‘N Learn Sight Words Level 1
in DVD.  I was impressed, especially with the content.  Rock ‘N Learn videos are content heavy, light on graphics and always get the (learning) song stuck in your head.

The child is presented with dozens of sight words through the showing.  (Sight words are words that are not typically read by sight not through phonic skills of sounding out the word.)  These words are crucial to know in early reading.

Not convinced, see the reaction from the official “reviewer”:


Rock ‘N Learn’s collection is applicable from preschool through high school.  I have personally reviewed many of the titles you will see listed on their site.  They have ALL been hits in this house! 

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10 thoughts on “Rock ‘N Learn Videos are Excellent Tools for Back to School Learning

  1. It’s difficult to keep their attention, but we play games where they can practice skills without realizing that their learning, like the preschool Cars Monopoly. There they practice counting, reading their numbers, and playing together.

  2. My little girl is not quite ready for this stuff yet, but It makes me excited for when she is, what a great learning tool!

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