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Piece of the Week – Paper Towel Roll

Piece of the Week # 5 – The Paper Towel Roll

Ok, I need ideas from my SMART MAMA readers!!! Besides a handy telescope or megaphone, how can this “green” family reuse the near half a dozen paper towel rolls that sit in our recycling can each month??? Please post a comment with your paper towel idea!

Recap for Week #4 – My Pumpkin!!!

Well, I didn’t receive any ideas electronically but I was kindly reminded by my husband to make some yummy pumpkin pie!!! That’s the plan for the weekend!!!

3 thoughts on “Piece of the Week – Paper Towel Roll

  1. I believe I read once that Julia Roberts was looking forward to using toilet paper rolls to play chu-chus. so, you could always cut the roll into thirds, paint or glue construction paper and make them into trains as well

  2. Give your toilet paper and paper towel tubes a second life by reusing them before or instead of recycling them. Here’s how:

    Donate old toilet paper or paper towel tubes to your local school or library to use as craft projects.

    Use toilet paper tubes as packing material.

    Give them to your pet hamster or bird (or to a friend that has one) to play with.

    Store holiday lights by rolling them around paper towel tubes to prevent tangling.

    Attach 2 or 3 toilet paper and/or paper towel tubes together to make an art organizer that holds pens, paint brushes, markers, etc.

    Do a Craft: Here are some great craft ideas for reusing toilet paper and paper towel tubes:

  3. The greenest thing to do would be to use sponges, rags and other things instead of paper towels. Maybe use junk mail/magazines for collage craft projects.

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