My Healthy Habits Under Stress

 April 2013 is going down in the history books as the worst month ever. As a Shaklee180 Blogger, I have all the nutritional tools to keep my tummy full and satisfied, but even more important following Shaklee180 during March 2013 set me up to manage through the vicious cycle of emotional stress. I maintained somewhat healthy habits under stress.

How do you maintain healthy eating and even weight loss when you are having the worst possible month EVER? You try, that’s the best you can do.

The month of April, and even a bit into the end of March and the start of May, has been the worst EVER. Within 6 weeks I have lost my father, my uncle, and 3 other family friends, and a family member was newly diagnosed with cancer. Throw in there the Boston attack and 2013 is going down in my history book to never be repeated.

Most of March was great. I had a great lifestyle of eating (thank you Shaklee180) and was going to my exercise class often 3 times a week. I lost several inches and 5 lbs. Then everything stopped. I suffered a severe sprained ankle when I foolishly wore 5 1/2 inch wedges, taking me off the exercise circuit for 6 weeks per doctor’s orders. Then the domino of illnesses and deaths. I spent most of my days at the hospital at my dad’s bedside. I wasn’t home logging my food or making my shakes. I was eating hospital food for 2 meals a day. 

I surprised myself. In those days of emotions and confusion, I found myself making smarter choices than one would make under those circumstances. I thank my previous one month following Shaklee180 for keeping me in line. Instead of the mashed potato and gravy line, I opted for a salad or a broth based soup. I grabbed a water but did enjoy one diet soda a day (yes, I know they’re bad for me but I forgave myself those weeks.) I noticed that my portion sizes were FAR smaller than what I would have served myself BEFORE Shaklee180.

I did eat the Shaklee180 meal bars on occasion, but my mind needed a break most days and walking around the cafeteria and ordering my breakfast or lunch gave me a great break from the ICU room. I kept a few Shaklee180 Snack Bars in my bag and they filled up my tummy mid-afternoon.

My Healthy Habits Under Stress

  • Yes, you can eat the cookie, but just the one cookie! 
  • Exercise is a GREAT stress reliever but finding time isn’t so easy in challenging times. Rework normal activities and make them more strenuous to burn your calories. Each morning when I would head to the hospital I would end up parking, what felt like 5 miles away from the hospital entrance. Walking to and from the car gave me a good 20 minutes of quick pace walking.
  • Regardless where you eat – from fast food to hospital cafeteria – there are healthy options available. Pick them. 


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