It’s Time to Spa
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It’s Time to Spa

Marriott International has over 3,800 properties in over 74 countries and territories around the world – 441 are spa hotels! In checking out the Marriott website I saw that there are over 35 “spa hotels” in Florida  – either Marriott or one of it’s 16 brands. Have you enjoyed a hotel spa before?

Spa Services

Spa’s offer so much, so much that busy moms deserve. Some of the most common services offered:

  • Massage
    • hot stone
    • Swedish
    • deep tissue
  • Skin treatments
    • facials
    • hair removal
  • Extensive body treatments
  • Advanced therapies

Yes, spa services can get pricey, but I have found “spa dollars” to be some of the best money spent. Based on my most recent spa day, I have to say that the effect on my mind and body from massage is remarkable. If you haven’t enjoyed a spa massage, you are missing out. Look into getting one, you’ll thank me.

Planning a Spa Day

Not sure of how to start planning a spa day. Checkout this infographic put together by Marriott. Loads of tips on spa-ing on a budget, what to do before and after and more are shared.

Use These Spa Tips to Prepare for a Relaxing Retreat An infographic by the team at Marriott Spas

Finding the Time to Spa

I hope that you are encouraged to consider booking a service at a spa during your next hotel stay – it also makes a great staycation getaway. A day at the spa can be just a few hours or an entire day. Look into your next travel itinerary and set aside the time. If out of town travel isn’t in the near future, see what local Marriott spa hotels are offering. Leave the kids with the babysitter and head to the spa next Saturday for a few hours. Yes, you deserve it! 

I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.


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