Marigolds don’t dive!
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Marigolds don’t dive!

Marigolds don’t dive mommy, they’re not submarines!

That was the response I heard after I told my 3 ½ year old that pouring the bubble juice on her marigolds would make them die. LOL!  Couldn’t be happier with her response!  I had feared the responded to ‘what is die?’ with her this morning!

How would you have handled it?  Death is very delicate conversation to have with anyone, let alone a preschooler!  What’s the best approach?  Without getting too deep (not my style) how would Smart Mamas like you and me respond if she had instead said, “What does it mean that the marigolds die?”  I have some thoughts but I’m interested to learn yours!

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4 thoughts on “Marigolds don’t dive!

  1. Stopping by from UBP10… uhmm I wouldn’t have told her that they would have withered up and not turned pretty anymore! Kinda how you feel when you get sick.. I mean I dont think going all into what death is at that early of an age is necessary, truth be told most preschoolers are perfectly happy with any explanation you give them 🙂 lol!

    1. LOL!!! When I blurted out that they would ‘die’, I regretted it so much in fear that she would ask me what ‘die’ meant. THANKFULLY, she misheard what I said! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again!

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