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Learning How To Cruise with a Toddler

Carnival Breeze
Photo from Carnival.com

In just  a few months the 4 of us will embark on a 7 night/8 day Carribean cruise. One of us will be a toddler, turning 19 months during the trip. I’m sort of freaking out about cruising with a toddler. Calm me down. I know it’s possible. I know many people do it, and do it again. We’re sort of cruise newbies and are at a loss as to what to expect and how to plan. Tom and I once did a weekend cruise, but this will be our first cruise with kids, and especially a cruise with a toddler.

We’ve been invited by the Carnival Cruise Line to enjoy their newest ship the Breeze. It was an invitation I was unsure if I should accept. It began with, Are we all invited? The answer was YES! My youngest will be only 19 months, will that be ok? YES, 6 months is the age minimum. Would a family of 4, including one in a pack & play fit in the stateroom they would provide? YES.

With those questions answered, Tom’s encouragement and the reaction when we mentioned the possibility to the kindergartner, I knew we would be accepting the opportunity. We would be cruising with a toddler in early December!

As we prepare for this adventure, I know there is a lot I need to learn about cruising with a toddler. I certainly consider myself a smart and savvy traveler but cruising is a whole new arena, especially with kids in tow. I want to learn from your experiences. I want to learn things NOT to do and things that I MUST  do to best enjoy the trip. Please submit your ideas as a comment, Facebook post or tweet. I will compile the advice and compose a follow-up post to share with all of you.



5 thoughts on “Learning How To Cruise with a Toddler

  1. Relax, it’s Carnival! It’s so kid-friendly. We went in April during spring break and kids were everywhere. It’s just like being on a floating resort. And many of the ports are walkable so you don’t have to do daring excursions with the little ones. Don’t over-schedule and just take the time to explore the ship. Enjoy!

  2. We cruised when Brandon was 20 months old, and it was such a great experience! You don’t have to take the Pack N Play, tell the cruise line you have a baby and they’ll provide a crib for your stateroom.
    She’s walking already, right? Don’t forget water shoes. Even if you don’t think you’ll be in the water at the ports of call, you should put water shoes on her for the lido deck so she doesn’t slip.
    The staff in the dining room will be good about heating up food or milk if you need them to.
    Here are a few pictures from our trip. It really is so much fun! They will love it! If I think of any other tips I’ll comment again. =)

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