Key West Family Vacation Itinerary, Day 4
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Key West Family Vacation Itinerary, Day 4

Day 4 of our Key West with kids trip was filled with pool time, delicious food and great entertainment. After our fantastic day on the FURY Water Adventure on Day 3, we were ready to sit back and dip our toes in the pool. That’s exactly what we did. 

Casa Marina Pool

As guests of the The Reach, a Waldorf Astoria hotel, you have privileges at the Casa Marina Resort. This more upscale property is a 5-minute walk from The Reach. We packed out stroller and headed to Casa Marina.

This hotel is stunning. It has beautiful architecture and an elegance that you don’t typically see in Key West.

Casa Marina Key West

There are two pools and a beach, which is smaller than The Reach. Most of the lounge chairs were taken, but the pool attendant quickly approached us and escorted us to a set of chairs under an umbrella on the far corner of the pool. It was a perfect spot.

Tom took the girls to the pool while I set up our things and enjoyed some small talk with the pool guy.

For a few hours we played in the pool, ate lunch (ordered from the poolside restaurant) and of course had the traditional afternoon Popsicle provided by Casa Marina. It was perfect on such a hot summer day.
1500 Reynolds Street
Key West



Dinner at A & B Lobster House

It was Tom’s choice! He read great reviews on Yelp and decided it was a great spot for a special dinner.

A&B Lobster House is not your typical Key West restaurant. It is far more formal than what you normally see in and around Duvall Street. The service was superb and the food delicious. I might mention that my Mango Mojito was perfect! Prices are high but you get what you pay for – great service, great food and a very pretty setting.

A& B LobsterHouse Key West
If you are still reliant on a kids menu you won’t find one here. Thankfully the restaurant is affiliated with a more casual dining spot downstairs that has the typical kids items. My 6 year old ordered a shrimp cocktail from the A&B Lobster House menu and loved their breadbasket.
700 Front Street
Key West

Mallory Square Sunset Festival

Every night beginning an hour or so before sunset the sidewalks around Mallory Square fill up with vendors selling beautiful artwork, lemonade icees and ice cream, plus there are a few fortune tellers.  The best part of the Mallory Square Sunset Festival is the street theater. 

The performers set up a rope on the ground outlining the stage and holler and cackle for a crowd to watch their show. This night we 1st watched Dr. Juice, a 50-something very limber man! His stunts were impressive and his narration was amusing. We also spent time watching the unicycle guy do all sorts of dares on top of a very high bike.  Other performs, like the “fire girl” also performed.

Here’s a peek at a Mallory Square Sunset Carnival:




24 thoughts on “Key West Family Vacation Itinerary, Day 4

  1. I so want to go on this vacation now! I have only been to Key West once as part of a cruise. We had a great time for the short time period we were there. The frozen key lime pie dipped in chocolate was to die for.

  2. This is very timely, because my hubby and I are planning a tropical vacation this winter to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary. The Keys are one of the options we’re considering!

  3. Never been to Florida yet but definitely have a plan of going there someday and this will be included in our bucket list. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family vacation!

  4. Definitely bookmarking this for our own Key West vacation! We planned to spend a couple days in the Keys last year but we just could not leave the Space Coast. Next year though!!!

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