Got Tape! Now What?
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Got Tape! Now What?

I’m thrilled to be participating in the #ScotchExpressions campaign as I get to experience and promote their decorative Scotch Expression Washi, masking, duct and shipping tapes! I have 16 rolls of colorful tape sitting in my office with one very enthused 6 year old ready to open them up and get crafting! But, WHAT SHOULD WE DO?Scotch Expressions

3M Scotch Expression Task

I’ve been asked to get crafty with the tape. We love DIY projects and crafts are always a huge hit. Isabella and I are going to use the tapes to create and decorate. We have some ideas with her school supplies and some ideas with items in my office that could use some color and patterns.  

Using Tape to Craft & DesignScotch Expressions

How should we use the tape to decorate? 

I’ve seen cool ideas on Pinterest and Google Images but I’m honestly not up to the task of creating a dress or handbag. I want to do something fun. I want to do some purposeful. 

Share your ideas here!



Disclosure: I received 3M Expressions Tape to help facilitate this review and was compensated by Office Depot for my time. For more information, about Scotch Expressions Tape at Office Depot, visit them at:

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