How Office Depot REAL Change is Helping Schools

Office Depot REAL Change

We all know that it takes a village. This week I provided tools to help the village teach the child.

Through my partnership with the Office Depot REAL Change campaign I shared school supplies with my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. She was thrilled. I was thrilled.

Office Depot REAL Change
The children quickly looking through the donated bag and all the school supplies provided by Office Depot! They were so excited!

As a former teacher, I am so happy to see a school supply store, Office Depot, connect with schools, in a meaningful way. They recognize the time and money teachers and school staff put into each school day and into each student’s learning. They are the village and Office Depot is doing their part to help the village. 

When I first logged onto AdoptAClassroom.Org I was surprised to see just the Media Specialist at my daughter’s school registered. Did the other teachers not need or want additional supplies or donations? I spoke to a few teachers to find out. They hadn’t heard of the site and one had thought it was something completely different.

AdoptAClassroom.Org is designed to allow teachers and school staff to designate the needs of their classroom. Donors can then fulfill their needs with 100% of donations going DIRECTLY to the teacher and/or school. It’s a win win, with the students winning the most!

Office Depot REAL Change
My kindergartener, her teacher and assistant, thrilled with the donation! THANK YOU Office Depot!

Head over to the toolkit put together by Office Depot: It has all the links to get the teacher/classroom registered and opportunities to spread the word!

I invite you to SHARE this post and opportunity with friends, family and school personnel! There are a variety of SHARING buttons on the left side of this blog post.

Office Depot REAL Change

Disclosure: I am an Office Depot REAL Change blog ambassador. This post is part of a campaign where I was compensated for my time. To learn more about REAL Change, visit their website.

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One thought on “How Office Depot REAL Change is Helping Schools

  1. Every fall we take several bags to my kids teachers full of supplies and things that they’ll need to get through the school year. It’s terrible that the teachers have to supply so much of the supplies that are needed on a daily basis because the funding has been cut so much.

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