Fashionable Affordable Kids Summer Wardrobe

School time is wrapping up. Put away the school attire because summer is approaching. It’s time to restock the closets with pieces that will withstand the heat, summer play and still be fashionable. Finding an affordable summer wardrobe for the kids is necessary for a Smart Mama.

 This summer fashions are bright. They’re bold. Think back to the neon jellies you wore to the beach in the late 80s. They’re back. Using bright, sparkly accessories, including shoes, belts and hair clips, girls will be styling as they hit the playground, pool and grandma’s house. Shorts of all length are essential. Pull up shorts are best for running around at camp. Straight, buttoned shorts paired with a top and sandals is ideal for other occasions.

Boys are styling, too. Their shorts maintain the cargo feel with bright colors of cardinal red, tangerine and navy blue. A fedora hat can be seen accessorizing a boy’s look.

Keep them protected. Quality suntan lotion and SPF clothing is a must. Look for swim gear and coverups that are SPF30 and greater. Hats are great, too.

At a recent visit to The Children’s Place in Miami, I was thrilled to see these fashionable summer items at very affordable prices. Racks of clothing less than $5 and coupons available to add additional savings made shopping at The Children’s Place for my daughter’s summer wardrobe fashionable and affordable.

See a Great Find

Head over to The Children’s Place or your favorite affordable and fashionable kids clothing store and find the best deal. Share! We would love to hear about it!

Be sure to visit The Children’s Place Facebook page! From there you’ll get the latest and greatest information on special promotions and coupon codes!

Disclosure: A gift card was provided to purchase items. All opinions are my own.


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