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Edgewater Hotel in Naples, A Brief Overview

We had a fantastic time vacationing on the west coast of Florida, in Naples. We stayed at The Edgewater Hotel in a 1 bedroom suite. We traveled as a family of three, with the little one being 22 months. My parents also joined us on this multi-generaltional trip. Their suite was across the hall from ours. 
Edgewater Hotel Naples

It was fantastic. You truly begin to value the advantage of a suite when you are no longer traveling with just the hubby.

The suite, beyond the roominess, king size bed, balcony, & dining room table…had a full size fridge, toaster, enormous sink and cupboards. It was ready for my haul of Cheerios, graham crackers, milk, fruit, cheese, bread, turkey breast…you name it!

We made a great decision to pack lots of munchkin food, and even mommy/daddy food, for our suite. We saved time and money by enjoying toasted english muffins and Cheerios in our room for breakfast and homemade turkey sandwiches poolside for lunch! 

PS – Turndown service was provided every night. They even cleaned the dishes!

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  1. It sounds like you had a great trip! I also love suites when we travel and often head to the grocery store to stock up on stuff for our stay. Sometimes it is just easier to have food on hand rather than eating out all the time with the kids.

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