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eBay Lemonade Made by Tristan O’Brien – An eBay Money Maker Story w/giveaway

eBay Lemonade Made by Tristan O’Brien – An eBay Money Maker Story

When all else fails, when you’ve lost your job, wife just gave birth and you’re essentially living in a new city with very limited support, what do you do?  Tristan O’Brien, of Westfield, Indiana, took his HUGE bowl of lemons and made a big glass of lemonade, eBay style of course!

If you take a moment and look around your home you will notice the many items you have are out of true desire not need.  Tristan did just that.  Along with his wife, he found numerous items, including an enormous big screen TV that wasn’t necessary in their home.  They took these items and listed them at auction on eBay.  They needed the money in their wallets more than hanging in their family room!

Before they knew it the items began to sell and sell – the lemonade was made!  They were able to survive through this challenging time, much in part to their unified effort of becoming sellers on eBay.

Watch his story. It will inspire you.  You too can make eBay Lemonade!

This is the 1st video of the eBay’s Money Maker series which will spotlight a family’s story on how selling on eBay impacted their life.  I hope you are as excited as me to learn how eBay could help us all make some lemonade! You can also follow the series on Twitter, with #ebaymoney!


So, here’s the challenge…what “luxury” item would you be willing to sell to earn the family some extra money?  Maybe it would be money for your next vacation or the special summer camp your daughter wants to go to?  Look around your house and I guarantee you can find a number of items!
To Enter Giveaway…

To help you launch your eBay selling/buying, I am offering a lucky reader a $25 eBay gift card!  This is perfect to help you buy some last minute items or purchase some tools you might want to launch your eBay money making!  I recently bought a new shipping scale and some poly-mailer envelopes that making estimating shipping costs, much easier! 



Disclosure: This post has been created in connection with my appointment as an eBay Parent Panel Ambassador.eBay Parent Panel

10 thoughts on “eBay Lemonade Made by Tristan O’Brien – An eBay Money Maker Story w/giveaway

  1. we have plenty of DVD’s and CD’s to sell

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  2. I have many clothes that I have brought years back and not even touched. They are in excellent quality and now I cannot wear them as I am big in size ;-). I would certainly out them on ebay. Nice idea!

  3. Thanks for the brilliant idea! I would put my luxury pens on sale. They are worth dollars. I have watches too that I have not put on for ages. I think I can get some money to fund my piano classes.

  4. This is nice to see, I know someone who used to work as the IT manager at the company I work and he now just sells things on ebay for a living, just general anything, there is no plan or tactic to what he does, if he sees something he things will see then he buys and then sells it!

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