A Typical Cuban Breakfast
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A Typical Cuban Breakfast

“When in Rome” is a saying I try to adhere to in our travels. If you are traveling to South Florida, particularly Miami, you must enjoy traditional Cuban cuisine. From una medianoche sandwich to una tostada to ropa vieja to una frita, visitors must enjoy the savory flavors of the island that are now replicated, quite perfectly, in the states. A Cuban breakfast just like the Cubans on Calle Ocho or even Havana bring a coffee and buttered bread to a whole new level.

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Ordering a Cuban Breakfast

A Cuban breakfast is not like the breakfast at the chain pancake restaurant nor is it too elegant with crepes or strudels.  A satisfying “desayuno” Cubano style can certainly be done in Miami, as well as, cities across the country that have a decent enough Cuban dining spot.

Not sure on the components of a Cuban breakfast or even how to eat it? Coffee, toast and fruit are the three main parts of a Cuban breakfast. There is even a traditional way to eat them.

Café con Leche

The “coffee with milk” is included with nearly every breakfast platter, as well as sold a la carte. A mug of warmed milk is served with a small metal carafe of hot Cuban coffee. Pour the coffee into your warmed milk and add sugar as you like. Yes, this drink is essentially a latte – Cuban style of course. Be warned that Cuban coffee is said to be one of the strongest out there. If you order this at a counter, the milk, coffee and sugar will already be mixed. Of course, you can ask for it to be made with skim milk or even without sugar. You might get a strange look from the waiter though. Cuban Breakfast Cafe


Cuban bread sliced, flattened, grilled and buttered will arrive in individual bread baskets. (You can do this at home with a sandwich press.) Diners will use the bread to not only scoop up remaining parts of the meal but it is very common to take your tostada and dip it into your café con leche. Don’t be shy, you’ll be surprised with how well it tastes. No, Cuban bread is not the same as French bread or Italian bread. It “looks” the same because it’s long but that’s about it. Cuban Breakfast Tostada

Fruit Bowl

Cuba and it’s sister-land Miami, are in the sub-tropics so, understandably, fruit is plentiful. A fruit bowl of melons, papaya, mango and mammey are what you may likely enjoy. Certain fruits are seasonal, and you will notice that in your fruit bowl.

We have a bountiful mango tree in our yard. Late-spring we are harvesting more mango that you can imagine. We add them to our fruit salad or make delicious smoothies!
Cuban breakfast

Each of these items are served a la carte or included as part of a breakfast platter. You will find that a Cuban breakfast platter – one which could include eggs, potatoes and bacon – along with the coffee, tostada and fruit, will normally cost just around $5. It is a remarkable price for such a delicious, filling meal.

Make a Cuban Breakfast at Home

You can easily put together a cuban breakfast at home. Follow the links below to purchase the individual items.

  1. Cuban Style Coffee Maker
  2. Small Espresso Pitcher
  3. Cuban Coffee Grounds
  4. Demitasse Cups
  5. Sandwich Press

Curious for a Cuban Lunch?

A Cuban lunch will likely bring about a delicious frita – if you haven’t tried my Cuban Frita recipe yet, you must! And don’t forget Cubans Don’t Do Tacos!

Visiting Miami, Havana of the North

The vacation scene in Miami is wonderful. There are stunning hotel, delicious restaurants and many fun things to do. During your travels to Miami, find time to visit some of my favorite Miami destinations! Also, be sure to check out the latest hotel deals in time for your big trip!

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  1. I absolutely love that you just posted this! I use to work near a little Cuban restaurant and basically drank their delicious coffee and ate buttered toast every single day. I miss that place but now I know how to make it at home!!!

  2. Looks absolotuely delcious! Its no much different than a typical puerto rican breakfast that Im accustomed too. Pan con mantequilla and un cafe con leche is the best way to start the day!

  3. I love the fact that flattened buttered bread is traditionally dipped in coffee in Cuba. I’m thinking about eating at a Cuban restaurant soon because my friend’s father used to live there and has been telling me stories about his time there. What was most interesting to me was how different the breakfasts that he used to have back there.

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