Smart House: Converting the entertainment center into…..I don’t know!!!

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I’ve been having that urge to get something new for the house…know that feeling? ! Along came my mom with an opportunity to furniture swap! We swapped my Crate and Barrel Wine Bar for her Pier 1 entertainment center/armoire. My parents finally got a flat screen TV for their family room so they were ready to ditch the ‘in great condition’ armoire when I chimed in! We could take it! However, we don’t have room for it. I offered her the wine chest, to make room, and it was a deal!

Ok, so here’s the dilemma…WHAT DO I DO WITH THE ARMOIRE??? We put it in our dining room, right next to the kitchen with the original idea of converting it into a bar – I do need a place to put my wine glasses now that my Crate and Barrel bar is gone.

But, the need of an “office space” is really up there! I need a good resting spot for my laptop, printer and 17″ monitor, as well as bills and random paperwork; a kitchen counter area is the current home . I’ve googled around and have found a great blog My Sweet Savannah – her posting back in June 2009 – ~armoires, they’re not just for storing clothes~ has tons of ideas. Of course, it was like a Cheesecake Factory menu – too many ideas for me that I’m left clueless!
So what do you think I should do???


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