Carnival Vista, The Latest Milestone
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Carnival Vista, The Latest Milestone

I won’t forget the excitement and awe that I felt earlier this year when I attended the unveiling of the Carnival Vista. I learned of how spectacular she will be. How full of activities for adults, kids and families, alike will make up so much of the ship. My tastebuds began to salivate when I learned how some of my favorite Carnival specialty restaurants, like Ji-Ji, and others will be cooking some delicious meals for foodies like myself. 

Carnival Vista
Lobster roll & clam strips that will be offered in the Seafood Shack on the Carnival Vista.

Yes, there was so much that had me thrilled about the ship, especially its itineraries. Its home port will begin in Europe, move to NY and will find its year long home right here in Miami. Excited about that!

The Vista reached a new construction milestone commemorated with the traditional maritime coin ceremony. Kye Heald, daughter of John Heald – my very favorite Carnival employee, served as Godchild. (If you don’t follow John on Facebook yet, you must. He’s very, very, very funny and full of knowledge of all things Carnival!)


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Carnival Vista
Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Can’t wait for this on the Carnival Vista!

Remember my fear excitement when I completed the ropes coarse on the Breeze last April? Can you imagine how I’ll react when I have the opportunity to try this ship’s unique on-board innovations like the suspended cycling experience called SkyRide or Carnival’s first inner-tube raft slide, the 455-foot-long Kaleid-o-Slide! I can hear my screams from here! 

As we all await the final construction of the ship, I encourage you to check out the Behind the Scenes video of the ship being made. You are certainly going to be amazed on what can be done with really LARGE pieces of steel! I know I was!

 Carnival Vista is scheduled to enter service in Europe May 1, 2016. Can’t wait!

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