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Buying School Supplies

Grab every deal you can and stock up on all those supplies that your kids will need this month, this year, this decade and beyond. Yes, school supplies don’t “expire.” Pencils bought this year can still be sharpened and used next year or even in 5 years.School Supplies

Anytime you see common school supplies get discounted you should stock up on at least the 10 items I share in this month’s article on TampicoIsColor.com –  http://www.tampicoiscolor.com/school-supply-stock-ups-. I don’t recommend glue sticks because, well, I just never have any luck with them still staying adhesive. 

You may even want to buy a few electric pencil sharpeners. Those always seem to lose steam just when you need them.

You may want to even drop off some of those extra supplies at your kids school or an organization in need, like when we donated school supplies this year. 

Now go shopping!

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