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Bunny Face Mask for a PreSchool Easter Craft

Bunny Face Mask for a Pre-School Easter Craft

Make an Easter craft that will have the whole crew giggling! Adorable bunny rabbits have been a part our Easter celebration in the US since the late 18th century. (see Wikipedia article on Easter Bunny.)

This simple craft is loads of fun and the kids really enjoy it! Use a glue stick or school glue, unless otherwise noted, to adhere the different components of the bunny’s face.

Creating the Bunny’s Face Mask

Materials for Bunny Craft

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Making the Bunny Face Mask


Print a large photo of the child’s face, so that the diameter of the face is about 6 inches. Cut around so only the face remains – no hair. Glue this to the center of a white paper plate.

2. BOW

Pink/Blue ribbon tied into a bow. Use a glue gun to glue it to the paper plate. Do this ahead of time.


Cut out and glue together oblong white ears and smaller oblong pink for inner ear. Optional: Use pink felt for inner ear. Glue at the top of the child’s face.


Glue small pink/blue triangle on top of the child’s nose.


Cut and glue six 6-inch thin strips of black construction paper.


Use a permanent marker to draw out mouth and freckles.



  1. Carmela 30 March, 2012 at 03:06 Reply

    Cute thing. I am so excited for our Easter activities and I will make sure to create some of this. 🙂 I am sure it will be so much fun! Thanks!

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