Best Scents in My Clothes. I’m Becoming Obsessed!
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Best Scents in My Clothes. I’m Becoming Obsessed!

Some of the best scents out there are found right in my clean clothes. It’s sort of weird, I guess. As I take clothes out of the dryer and begin to fold them, I smell each garment. There is something about the smell of clean clothing that I love. The last detergent I purchased was GAIN Lavender and I’m becoming a bit obsessed. The scent is so awesome. I think I add an extra 15 minutes to my laundry time just so my neurotic self can smell the clothes over and over again. I’m being honest. 

Disclosure: I was provided GAIN detergent (I did purchase the one I mention and photograph in this post) to compensate my time. All opinions and scent obsessions are my own!
Best Scents in Laundry

Apparently it’s not just me. Dr. Alan Hirsch from the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, states that certain aromas, such as the ones from fresh-smelling clothes, induce people to feel happier and more optimistic and positive. Lavender has been shown to reduce anxiety and I’m proof that it just might do that – at least when in the laundry room! It’s one of the best scents for a non-stop mom like me.

Best Scents and Moods

Think about how you feel when smell cookies baking in your home. You get hungry and happy. How about the scent of coconut? That makes me think of the beach and instantly relaxes me.  Think of the successful market for scented candles. Those candles give off a scent that bring about fond memories, happy times or other good moods. It makes sense to induce those scent moods right on our clothing…we wouldn’t want to be scent insufficient!

GAINS Laundry Scents

Wondering what other scents GAIN has to induce a happy mood in your home? Here’s their menu:

  • Original with Clean Boost
  • Original
  • Lavender
  • Island Fresh
  • Floral Fusion
  • Apple Mango Tango
  • Ocean Escape
  • Gain Hawaiian Aloha with
Febreze Freshness
  • Gain Butterfly Kiss with a
Touch of Softness
  • Gain Icy Fresh Fizz with 
Oxi Booster
  • Gain Sunflower and Sunshine 
with Febreze Freshness
  • Gain Original Fireworks 
Scent Booster
  • Gain Sweet Sizzle
  • Gain Dreamy Desire
  • Gain Flirty Fresh
  • Gain Apple Berry Twist
  • Gain Honeyberry Hula 
with Bleach Alternative
  • Gain Lemon Zest

I’ve tried 4 of the GAIN’s scents. Apple Berry Twist and Butterfly Kiss are next on my list! Will they be some of the best scents? What’s the best scent from GAIN? Share your favorite GAIN scent to win a 1 year supply of detergent! Imagine all the sniffing you could do!

GAIN Detergent Giveaway

Ready to join the scent obsession with me? I am offering one reader a one-year supply of GAIN detergent! Follow steps below to enter!

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69 thoughts on “Best Scents in My Clothes. I’m Becoming Obsessed!

  1. Scent is a factor as long with the fact that it cleans. I just Love it when the scent lasts when you open you drawer and you still smell the fresh scent coming out of it I love all the scents i don’t have a favorite

  2. Yes! I am VERY scent-obsessed!!! :p I love Gain’s Apple Mango Tango. That’s my very favorite laundry detergent scent out there. 🙂

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