Back to School Dental Routine with Infographic
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Back to School Dental Routine with Infographic

Back to School Dental Routine with Infographic

Pencils, check. Ruler, check. Notebooks, check. Toothbrush, check. Yes, adding dental hygiene items to the back to school list is a must. Be sure your child’s dental routine is all set for a new school year.

Back to School Means Back to Routines

Most parents are probably thinking the same thing around this time- how can it possibly be that time again?

The back to school routine is starting, and everyone including moms, struggle with more rigid schedules, earlier bedtimes, healthier lunches, and keeping a healthy dental routine.

Thank you to Jefferson Dental for providing the resources I share below, as well as, a supply of dental items for my family.

Make a Dental Routine

In honor of the back to school season, Jefferson Dental has put together an Infographic on How to Establish a Back to School Routine to prevent tooth decay, the #1 childhood chronic disease in America. Save and/or print this graphic as a reminder of how to instill a healthy dental routine this school year.

kid dental tips

kid dental tips

Dental Fun in Books

Kids can have fun learning about the importance of a good dental routine with some great books. I’ve excluded a few links to some books and activities that you can find right on Amazon. Please note that these are affiliate links to help support this site.

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