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Achoos and Thank You’s! The Warm, Comfy Feeling of Sharing! See Our Video Story!

Need a Kleenex? A sneeze, a cough, a smear of something on the face, all instigate the automatic Kleenex offering. We share all sorts of things like clothes, toys, ideas, and Kleenex! Over these last few months I have witnessed unbelievable sharing in my home.  From the 1st day home from the hospital, Isabella has wanted to share anything and everything with her baby sister.  It makes my heart melt to see her be such a warm, loving sister to Cecilia.

I took my story to the Momversation camera recently, to share the warm, feeling I get when we share in our home.

We started a sharing chain at Kleenex.com by sending a box of tissues to Isa’s friend! You can do the same!


From Kleenex to baby dolls our home is a sharing home! Do you celebrate sharing in your home?



Disclosure: Compensation was received to be filmed for this video. All opinions are my own.

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