5 Ways a Mom Uses a Gallon Size Plastic Bag
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5 Ways a Mom Uses a Gallon Size Plastic Bag

According to Wikipedia, the zipper storage bag was patented by Robert W. Vergobbi on May 18, 1954. I think a statue should be made of this man. He is a genius. What mom doesn’t love using zipper storage bags?

I have about a gazillion ways I use gallon size bags, but here are 5 of my favorites:

  1. Marinade bag! Toss the chicken, the steak, the fish, the pork, or whatever the protein with its seasonings right into a storage bag, zipper to close and place in the fridge for a few hours. When ready to cook, remove the protein, throw away the bag and cook! Note, there is NOTHING to clean up!
  2. Hello Organization! All of Barbies little shoes, dresses, her whole wardrobe in fact, can be stored in a storage bag and labeled.
  3. Game Bags! Whenever feasible I toss all the game pieces into a bag, add the instructions and cut out part of the label from the box.Using a Gallon Sized Bag
  4. Back up Clothes! Keep a gallon sized zipper storage bag with a change of clothes in the trunk of the car for each kid. You never know when they’re going to spill a bowl of ice cream down their shirt!
  5. Medicine Mom on Vacation! The clear bag makes searching for the children’s allergy medicine easier when on a trip. Keep the bag always stocked, closed and ready to go.

Gallon Size Bag Uses


Crowd-sourcing for gallon size bag uses!

How do YOU use zipper storage bags? Let’s add to the list! Please share your tip, and if you maintain a website/blog be sure it is included so that I link back to you on the follow up post!

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