3 Favorites for Summer Skin

Beating the summer heat is a challenge, but keeping summer skin soft and pretty is a must. We don’t spend our days relaxing in air-conditioning with our feet up. We run around as crazy as we do during the school year. It’s camp drop-off rather than school drop-off. We don’t stop, but we must stop to take care of ourselves as we take on the heat while we get our things done. Moms should load their purse, or diaper bag, with items that will help them when their on the go! You want to look and feel your best regardless of the temperature outside or how long you’ve been out and about.

Three items I keep in my bag to keep my summer skin healthy:

  1. Water – It’s not a skin treatment from the outside, but it does plenty from the inside. Water is an essential component for healthy living. During the summer heat, water is even more important. As we sweat in the bleachers of the swim meet, we are releasing fluid from our bodies. We must keep replenishing these fluids. Keep a bottle of water in your bag and drink it!
  2. Deodorant – Sorry but the summer sweat isn’t that appealing. On those days when you’re running around from camps drop-offs to pool parties and more, you’re going to need to reapply. Sweat marks and body odor have never been trendy. Stay dry and fresh by reapplying midday! We also must keep our armpits stubble and brown spot free!
  3. SPF – We won’t always look so young. Our skin is already showing signs of aging. While the vitamin D from the sun is super important, too much can cause damage. The elasticity weakens, sun spots appear and chance of developing skin cancer increase with prolonged sun exposure. Keep an SPF lotion in your bag to apply throughout the day. Depending on the lotion you use, you may need a separate one for your face.

These three items are essential for me, especially living in South Florida and experiencing the excessive heat for more months than other parts of the country! What do you find to be your summertime beauty must-haves?

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.


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