3 BEST Money Saving Apps for Shopping
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3 BEST Money Saving Apps for Shopping

You’ve got to do it. The kids, husband and YOU have to eat. Buuuuuuut, it is a time hog, a wallet drainer .. you name it. It’s time that YOU save money and time grocery shopping with the best money saving apps.

Going grocery shopping has and forever will be something that takes time and money. Through experience, I have found 3 apps that have saved me a considerable amount of time and money to complete this dreaded chore. I even have an app where I EARN MONEY when I go shopping!

A number of the links below do provide me with referral credit or tiny commission. I am ONLY recommending these because of personal experience. Thank you for supporting Smarty Pants Mama by clicking on the links, if you choose.

Save Money Saving Apps

Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime Saving Money

I use this ALL.THE.TIME! It’s my go-to for a lot of shopping. A kid needs a book for school – I order it and am done. I need new sheets – I order it and am done. Yes, I rely on Amazon for a lot. With Prime Membership you receive 2-day free shipping. That’s huge. Plus, there are so many other perks they five you. Now with Prime you get access to Prime Pantry, where members can purchase and ship to addresses in the contiguous U.S. low priced grocery, household, and pet care items for a flat delivery fee of $5.99 for each Prime Pantry box. Need to try that.

Amazon Prime currently costs $99/year. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Amazon Prime Love It or Leave It?

What I love the most: It’s like the biggest warehouse in the clouds. Whatever you need, Amazon seems to have it. Plus, with Prime I NEVER think about shipping charges or how long it will take to arrive.

What drives me a bit bonkers: Sometimes you think you’re ordering an item that’s Prime eligible and it’s not. Pay attention!

Earn Money Saving Apps

IbottaIbotta Saving Money

This is one takes a little work but there is a payout at the end. After you download the app & join, you will be ready to start saving or I should say earning. Yes, you earn money while grocery shopping with Ibotta. Either before, during or after your shopping, you use the app to see if there are any “rebates” associated with your purchases. If you do it before your shopping, you might be inclined to buy something so to get the rebate. After the purchase you will follow the directions to claim your rebate, which can include watching a short video, scanning the barcode of your item and photographing and uploading a picture of your receipt. The rebates are small but add up. Money is transferred to a PayPal or Venmo or can be converted into a gift card when it reaches the $20 threshold. With my link you’ll earn a $10 Welcome bonus! Woo Hoo! Ibotta is currently FREE to use!

Ibotta Love It or Leave It?

What I love the most: It’s free money! Who knew that I can earn a quarter for buying the bananas that need to buy anyway?

What drives me a bit bonkers: It does take a bit of work to find the rebate and process.

ShiptShipt Grocery Shopping

I use Shipt to do my Publix grocery shopping. It’s currently available for Publix and ABC Wine in my area.  One of the BIGGEST issues I have when I physically go to a store to go shopping is sticking to the list. I may have 10 items to buy but I walk out with 30. Does it happen to you? With Shipt I open the app and scroll the deals and put them and only them in my cart.

I also select the time for delivery, then it’s like the grocery fairy arrives with my groceries. He/she even, when I request, brings the grocery bags right to my kitchen counter. That’s it. I don’t get suckered into buying random things that my tummy thinks we need. I also earn back LOTS of TIME! The time that my Shipt person is buying my grocery I’m doing something else that needs to be done!

The current annual fee is $99. Is it available in your area? Using my link will earn you $10 in free groceries and two weeks free! That’s a deal!

Shipt Love It or Leave It?

What I love the most: You shop in your pajamas and can carefully think out what you need and buy just that.

What drives me a bit bonkers: The price per item is a little higher that in the store, but, to me, overall it’s more affordable than all the other stuff you buy if you are wheeling the cart down the aisles yourself.

I hope you give at least one of these grocery saving apps a try to see how they can help you save time and money grocery shopping. They’ve helped this Smart Mama, for sure!

Share Your Money Saving Apps

Have a favorite app to save money and time grocery shopping that isn’t featured? Share it in a comment below or email me at SmartyPantsMama @ gmail.com.3 BEST Apps Grocery Shopping

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