10 DVDs for Kids Under $6

Are we there yet? Mom, I’m bored.

We decide to drive to save money, not deal with security…and countless other reasons. The advent of the portable DVD player or in-car entertainment systems has given parents like you and me a little peace during those trips.

I like to keep a stock of DVDs in the car. I don’t always take them out. I have educational ones, like the Rock ‘N Learn series that I’ve shared with you, Baby Einstein for when they were younger and a ton Disney and other cartoon movies. From road trips to bad traffic days, we’re ready for some in-car entertainment when Mommy, I mean the kids, need it. 😉

10 DVDs Under $6

The Sandlot – $4.75

The Adventures of Milo and Otis – $4.75

Horton Hears a Who – $4.75

Open Season (Widescreen Special Edition) – $4.75

Robots (Widescreen Edition) – $4.99

Bee Movie (Widescreen Edition) – $4.99

Chicken Run – $4.99

Antz – $4.99

The Reef – $5

The Land Before Time (Anniversary Edition) – $5.93

Many of these links are affiliate links. I will earn pennies on your purchase. Thank you 🙂


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