Minnie Mouse Pez – Meds for the knee?
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Minnie Mouse Pez – Meds for the knee?

Yes, the imagination is full force in this house, and it better be in yours too!

As I whined to my 3 year old that my knee was hurting (I’ve had 2 major knee surgeries in the last 2 years) she told me, “I have the right medicine, don’t worry.” Intrigued by my Dr. Little One, I asked her for some.  She brought me over a Minnie Mouse Pez container and explained, “Now just hold it there until it beeps and then the knee will be all better.”  It reminded me of how I give her her underarm thermometer.  Well, I held it there, and honestly, for a few seconds I felt like I was getting medicated, sort of like having an ice pack on my knee.  No more than 10 seconds later she started beeping, my daughter, not Minnie.  She explained, “You have 47, which is very hot. you need to rest.”  Well here I am resting following the doctor’s orders after being treated by my own in house physician.  Can’t get much better than that.

Looking forward to hearing your Imagination Stories!  Share!



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